Top 8 Reasons to Date, Friend, or Otherwise Hang Out With Single Moms

single mom

#1. We won’t waste your time


Since every.single.minute. of our time is basically borrowed, we want to make the most of that which we have! Some days, I find myself leaving work, driving the hour commute home, hitting a happy hour get together, and experiencing meaningful (albeit brief) conversations with multiple interesting new people, all in the 33.5 minutes I have before I have to pick up my daughter from afterschool care. We may have short pockets of time, but we make them count! You can absolutely fit a dinner, drinks, and quality time into the 3 hour window that the babysitter is available for on Saturday night!

#2. We know how to take care of you (whether you are sick, injured, sad, or scared, single moms will have a fix for you!)


My second husband told me that I was nicer to him when he was sick than I was to him normally. I’m not sure about that, but I know that when the stomach flu had him down for a couple straight days, I was a rock star changing out his puke bucket and giving him cold washcloths, sips of flat ginger ale, etc, while he recovered. In the days that followed when both my stepsons got sick from the same bug, and weren’t as great about making it to the bathroom, I was still in mommy mode and taking care of everything calmly, sweetly, and without sympathy puking (a huge feat, ha!) If you are sad, your blood sugar is probably low and you should eat a banana. If you are scared, you probably need to toughen up. Single moms need a real man! 😉

#3. We are always prepared


While my kiddos may be older now, and not require the pack mule supplies of yesteryear, any mom worth her salt will still be packing a couple band aids, Chap Stick, Tylenol or maybe even wet wipes. If nothing else, we are masters of improvisation. Bleeding uncontrollably and no industrial first aid kit in sight? Guaranteed most mommy’s will rip the shirt off of our backs to wrap your wound and start administering first aid, while most bystanders are still trying not to hurl and cry from the sight of your blood.

#4. We appreciate romance


Let’s face it, most of us moms have been married, or at least in numerous serious relationships. When you have had bad relationships or an apathetic spouse, you come to truly appreciate the little things like occasional candelight or flowers. Opening our car door, walking on the street side of the road, holding the door, we LOVE that stuff. We are not going to be the combative feminist chick who punches you for being thoughtful as if it were an insult to us, instead, we will say thank you. And mean it.

#5. It really IS the thought that counts with us..


While jewelry is nice and all that, it is totally not necessary (at the early stages at least). A heartfelt note, playing us a song, a single wildflower, helping us put up Christmas lights with a staple gun….that is the stuff that sets our hearts aflutter. Acts of service are hugely meaningful to single moms, and we wholeheartedly appreciate them.

#6. We know how to let our hair down!


Like many of my single mom friends, I spent my 20s in an unhappy marriage being the responsible “patterned turtleneck and sneakers” frumpy mom whose excitement consisted of a weekly tv show. Now, in my 30s, I really find that I love to put on a cute dress, do it all up, and get a bit wild out on the town. Sure, us single moms might be taking tequila shots and dancing up on the stage all night, but you better believe we are home in time for our babysitter curfew! And we know how to have fun without making stupid decisions, like some of our younger, less life-experienced counterparts. That brings me to….

#7. We are the “mother hens” when we need to be


If you need a safe ride home in the middle of the night because you can’t drive or are in a bad situation, you can call us. We may lecture you, we may be pissed off, but we will come get you and get you home safely. Advice in general? We’ve got tons of the stuff, just waiting to be asked for. We probably have an opinion on just about everything. And we know, because we have birthed children and managed to protect them from all of the bad shit in the world that exists to try and get them: boogie men, snakes, pedophiles, peanuts, mean girls, you name it! We take care of the people around us, because we don’t know how not to!

and finally,

#8. We are in the prime of our life


……need I say more? 