The requisite New Years Resolutions Post

I’ve decided that the act of declaring a new years resolution involving exercise just sets you up for failure.  Especially when you put it out there publicly, you’re destined to fubar it completely. 

My new years resolutions for years have included “be a runner.”  It sounds so easy, the reality is so very hard!  I had coffee last week with an old high school boyfriend and his lovely wife, both of whom are runners, the hard-core kind.  Facebook is always showing me how they are running this race and that race, training for a half marathon, you name it.  “Just lace up your shoes and go,” they told me when I explained to them my running aspirations.  Oh that it were that simple for this girl!  Running for me involves gear, the perfect playlist, mace (depending where I run), not to mention the perfect weather conditions.  If it’s too chilly, my ears hurt, if it’s too hot, I wuss out.  To my bones though, I know that the key to skinny ass and happy heart are the kind of cardio that running can give to a girl.

The problem with exercise goals is that there is “always something” that seems to stand in our way.  I have spent that last 3 straight days sick in bed with bronchitis, and only today seem to be on the mend (thanks, Z pack!).  Running today would be idiocy, yet I’m on fire to start the new year right!  See, it’s always something!

So my actual, public, goals for 2014 that I will endeavor to accomplish are these:

1)            Save $$ and visit my best friend and her family in Romania, since I have missed visiting them so far in Peru, Dominican Republic, AND Washington D.C. and really am an awful excuse for a best friend.  This visit WILL happen this year!

2)            Run the Bolder Boulder again, even if I haven’t trained enough, even if I have crap times, even if an asteroid falls on my building, I will do my best and git er done!

3)            Blog at least once a week, even if it’s crap, even if no one reads it, and even if I have nothing interesting to say, I will say it publicly!

4)           Most importantly, take the time to laugh and be silly.  Nothing makes me happier than goofing around with my wonderful people.  I hope to laugh with many of you during this next year!

All my best for 2014 friends, I hope it’s amazing!Image


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